Everyone you look up to is still a work-in-progress and is always refining who they are. Growing up, I envisioned a world where there was (at a minimum) a group of “adults” who had it all figured out.

The truth is, no one does. No matter how wealthy or successful they are, no one truly has it figured it out.

“Successful” people are the people who dare to try new things and look foolish at times. Often they’re winging it. Through trial and error, they achieve progression.

Writing determines how well you truly understand something.

There will be topics I think I understand, but the more I try and write them out, the more I realize there is to learn.

Building the habit of reading and writing regularly slowly translates into real learning. The ability to articulate a topic in a concise but thorough way determines if you truly understand what you’re talking about.

Everyone is a prisoner of the moment, and recency bias reigns supreme. People look back in time with rose-colored glasses and romanticize how things “used to be”.

The undeniable fact is that world continues to get better by every measurable standard.

No one is coming to save you.

People are far too consumed with politics and things out of their control. Understand the larger metagame and the incentives of people providing information to you.

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